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About The Daily Java

Building a Community One Cup at a Time by Enabling Others to Make a Difference in the World.


We believe a cafe that is set-up and run correctly creates a culture for its patrons; a community that bonds them. Through the decades, we have seen the success and growth of cafes in creating fellowship through coffee, tea, smoothies, and frappes. We have used our knowledge to support the success of independent cafes, corporate chains, churches and schools.

Daily Java Values: Passion, Efficency, Experts, Community

Our Start

The Daily Java was started actually by accident. I started with espresso machines to restaurants. Within a year, we had worked with numerous restaurants all over the country for the next 13 years. At the same time, we were also setting up cafes in the DFW area. In 1999, we started carrying products due to the demand and need. In 2006, I received a phone call from a Dallas area church that they wanted to set up a cafe in their church.

A Family COmpany

In the year 2000, May 31st to be exact, my oldest child Angela was born (Followed by Benton 2003) and it became very clear on that date what my vision was for the world.We build a community one cup at a time to change the world. We believe that cafes both churches and independent cafes bring people to fellowship and creates a connection to discover what's similar and important in life.



I was very fortunate to have such strong mentorship from my father Namie Bacile who dedicated his time to help The Dailly Java for over 14 years providing his wisdom and a sounding board for us to reach our vision. 


The Daily Java Team

Mike Bacile, Owner Daily Java

Mike Bacile


Jessica Bartley, Project Manager Daily Java

Jessica Bartley

Director of Operations

Mikel Lawrence, The Daily Java

Chef Mikel Lawrence

Head Roaster

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