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SmartFruit Smoothies

Up and coming new high quality fruit line. 100% real fruit mixes w/ NO ADDED SUGAR that are boosted with highly functional superfoods for natural nutrition needs.

Available Flavors: 

Summer Strawberry, Perfect Peach, Blooming Berry

Sunny Banana, Harvest Greens, Superfruit Allstars

Harvest Reds, Tropical Harmony, Mellow Mango

Wild Watermelon

Note: All bottles are 48oz

Also available: Peanut Butter Omega - A pumpable smoothie/ frappe additive

Dr. Smoothie Smoothies

Our #1 selling brand. It's a high quality blend with a great taste.

Available Flavors:


Caramel Latte, Coffee, Kona Mocha, Mocha Chip, Mocha, Vanilla Latte

Coffee Free: Vanilla Bean, Frozen Hot Choclate

Sweet Bird Fruit Smoothies

High Quality true fruit smoothie that is so healthy it qualifies for school programs. They are all natural, vegan friendly and GMO free. 

Imported from England

Available Flavors:

Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Banana, Lemon

Special Flavors: $11/btl or $10/ btl case price

Raspberry Black Currant, Mango Passion Fruit

Note: All bottles are 1L (1,000ml)

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