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1. Why Coffee with a Purpose?


  • Free coffee is not actually free for the church. Churches spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year providing "free" coffee that often most people don't even like to drink. Our $1 cup of coffee program saves churches thousands of dollars a year on average while at the same time building their community.

  • Good coffee creates fellowship. By serving better coffee, churches are attracting all coffee drinkers, especially Millennials. If you want to build fellowship through coffee, it is more important to serve good coffee that all people will enjoy and want to drink.


  • We give you the tools to have a self-sustaining coffee program that removes the expense of "free" coffee, allows you to support an amazing cause with each purchase, and will bring in a revenue stream to further your church's own vision. Just for a $1 cup of coffee you could cover all cost of your coffee program, PLUS feed 3 children per cup sold or support other great missions in your church.

  • Coffee builds community. You will not only build the community within your church, but you will bridge the gap from the sanctuary to the outside world. As new members come to your church, they will see a more vibrant fellowship of young and old.

  • Equally as important, this program allows everyone in your community to be able to make a difference, no matter their income level. Everyone can celebrate in the success of the program for just a $1 cup of great coffee.

  • Our Coffee with a Purpose Program (CWAP) walks you through each step to make sure you are successful in launching your program. Never has anyone complained about spending $1 for a great cup of coffee that is changing the world.

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 2. How Does it Work?


  • Equipment is sold to you at our cost, in return, you sign a one-year commitment to have King's Coffee Company be your exclusive coffee provider. We will provide the support needed to make your program a success, including a King's Coffee Company signage, digital promotions that you can alter and print to promote your cause and more.


3. What are some examples of my Equipment Options?

*The CWAP Program is available with many brands and pieces of equipment. Below are the most popular.


  • Curtis - D500GT Airpot Brewer Single Unit 
    List price - $1160; CWAP price - $598

    • Airpots are $59.00 each

​ ​

  • Curtis - G3 Thermopro Single Unit 
    List price - $2907; CWAP price - $1590

    • Includes 1 server. Each additional 1.5 Gallon Servers is $325.00

  • Curtis - G3 Thermopro Twin Unit 
    List price - $4314; CWAP price -

    •  Includes 2 servers. Each additional 1.5 Gallon Servers is $325.00

  • Curtis - GSG Coffee Grinder
    List price - $2005; CWAP price - 





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