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Set Your School Up For Success!

1. Why The Daily Java?


  • We have been supplying schools with Smart Snack compliant products and cafe expertise for years. 

  • We are familiar with the bidding process for products.

  • We work with many districts with current bids that you may be able to piggyback off of. 



 2. What Products Can I Buy?


  • All-natural fruit smoothies, with two brands to choose from. 

  • In-house, High-Quality Roasted Coffee and Espresso specially formulated to work with the most popular school equipment. 

  • A wide variety of sugar-free syrup flavors.

  • Hot/Cold Cups, Lids and Accessories.

  • Premium Quality Hot Teas.

  • & More! We are always on the lookout for new compliant products. 


3. How Do I Get Started?


Contact Us Today for complete product lists, pricing and more!


Phone: 214-821-8818
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