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The Church Coffee House Experts

The Daily Java believes on partnering with our churches to insure long-term success.  One of the ways we support our church cafes is with an Operations Training and Employee/Volunteer Training program. 


We understand for many new clients, opening a café can be a big undertaking.  Most are nervous on how difficult it can be to run a successful café.  Our training programs are design to answer the big question, provide hands on learning and to make sure that by the end of our training, everyone can make a drink better than their local cafe.

We are more than just an equipment and product provider, we take a vested interest in making sure you succeed in building fellowship and revenue through your café. 

Operations Training: 

We spend time working with the top team members on who to manage the café, build a group of volunteers that want to work the café and outlining the mission of the café so to build more fellowship and revenue. We go through the Best Practices of other churches that have implemented small changes that have resulted in Big Success. 

Volunteer Training: 

Our volunteer training eases the nervousness of any trainee and lays the foundation of what the café is really about - fellowship and changing lives.  We go through the menu and train on all the drinks, having fun along the way.  By the end of the training, everyone will have made an espresso drink that taste better than their local cafe.


Start To Finish Consulting

Flow And Layout Design

Demographic Assessment

Equipment and Products

Menu Development

Training And Installation


We believe that church cafes can be an easy and successful way for a church to create fellowship and build revenue, IF done correctly. Our training program for new and established cafes makes sure your cafe is creating the culture, consistency and clarity for success.


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