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The Church Coffee House Experts

The Daily Java has often been called the Church Cafe Experts and for good reason. We understand the difference between a regular cafe and a church cafe, which we have dubbed "Quick Hit Cafes". As we joke, Starbucks has never seen a line with 150 or more in it, EVERY Sunday. Precise layout, design, and the flow of equipment is essential to the success of the cafe. Every extra step adds a second, which adds minutes to the people in the back of line. The best equipment often is not the most expensive equipment, but the most needed to produce a quality drink in a quick manner. Menu and product selections can derail your success before it even starts. Even pricing and cups can greatly effect the overall success of your cafe as we have found in our surveys with over a hundred church cafes.

We work with churches and cafes all across the country, making sure their vision is reached. Weather we are speaking at WFX, GACHP, or one of the many regional conventions, or being published in NACBD, Church Executive, Church Structural, we are willing to share our knowledge to make sure your church cafe succeeds.




Flow and Layout design are probably the most important parts of church cafes,  or quick hit cafes. Quick Hit Cafes because the crowds usually all come at once.  Starbucks has never seen a line like a well design and run church café will have.  Thus it is important not to set up a café like a Starbucks, it will not work.  A well design café has a proper flow to make sure customers are moved through the line quickly and the product  is consistant and they receive is superior to what they would recieve outside of the church. 

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