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The Daily Java Product List

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Single Origin Coffee

Colombian Supremo $8.35 / $8.85 Decaf

Very rich and aromatic, yet mild in flavor. It is a large, full bodied  coffee, slightly acidic, with slightly winy overtones.

Costa Rican Tarrazu $8.35

It is a hard bean, well balanced, medium bodied and acidic  coffee with sharp flavor and the snap of a very dry wine.

Ethiopian Harrar $9.50

These incredible beans are among the world’s best. This coffee  is famous for its chocolate or mocha flavor profile.

Guatemalan $8.50 /$9.10 Decaf

The king of East African coffees produced on the slopes of

Mount Kenya, noted for its aroma and pleasant sharpness.

Mexican Altura $8.35

This is a smooth and fragrant coffee with a good, mellow depth  of nutty flavor. It has mild body, acidity and balance.

Sumatra Mandheling $10.25

It has a heavy bodied, syrupy and chocolaty flavor ideal for after  dinner. Great body with low acidity.

Fair Trade Congo $10.25

Cold Brew Concentrate



Kohana Cold Brew Concentrate $11.25/bottle


An elegantly composed, impeccably smooth and naturally sweet coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed hot or poured over ice. Great for smoothies, shakes, sauces.

Available flavors: House, French Roast, French Vanilla

Coffee Blends

Angel’s Blend $8.95

A well-rounded blend of Asian, African, and South American coffee beans roasted to a city plus, yielding a sweet, smooth, and bright cup of coffee.


1603 Blend $8.35 / $8.95 Decaf

A blend of South and Central American coffee beans roasted to a full city roast. It has caramelized sugar and dark chocolate overtones leading to a sweet and bold cup of coffee.


French Roast Blend $8.35/lb

This coffee is mellow with full body and flavor. It is a blend of high grade Central American beans.

Espresso Blends

King’s Coffee Company Espresso $9.25/lb

Our King’s Espresso is a beautiful medium roasted espresso, with sweet chocolate and cinnamon undertones and a thick crema.

This is our most popular espresso.

Bristot Espresso

Red  $21.90/kilo    Silver $23.60/kilo  Decaf$28.70/kilo

Our Premium Espresso, a true Italian blend of seven premium coffees from around the world blended together to bring out the  best in flavor and crèma. Imported from Italy.

Bristot Espresso Pods

Reg. $68.50/case (150 pods)  Decaf. $73.50/case (150 pods)




All Coffee Pricing Is Whole Bean Or Ground. Add $1.00 Per Pound For Frac Packs

Cold Brew

Tazza Di Risa Frappe Mix                                                    

$23.70 / bag or $20.70 /bag case price

5 bags / case - will mix

Our #1 selling brand.  It is a high quality blend with a great taste.

Flavors Available: 

Caramel Latte, Coffee, Kona Mocha, Mocha, Mocha Chip, Vanilla Latte

Coffee Free: Vanilla Bean, Frozen Hot Chocolate

*All bags are 3.5 lbs.

Big Train Frappe Mix

$24.75 / bag or $21.75 /bag case price

5 bags / case - will mix

The most popular brand in the industry that has set the standard for other frappes

and its flavors are often copied by leading coffee house chains.

Frappes - 56oz

Caramel Latte

Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Mint  

Chocolate Peanut Butter



Toffee Mocha

 Java Chip

Kona Mocha

 Mocha Decaf.

Mocha Vanilla Latte

Decaf. Vanilla Latte

 White Chocolate Latte

No Sugar Added Mocha

No Sugar Added Vanilla

Pralines and Cream

Dulce De Leche

Seasonal - Peppermint Mocha

Seasonal - Pumpkin Spice

Sweetbird Zuma Frappe Mix                                                    

Priced by flavor

6 tins/ case 

High quality frappe mix. Imported from England.

Flavors Available: 

Vanilla - $35.50 / tin

Caffe -   $34.50 /tin

Sticky Toffee - $39.50 / tin

Zuma Fair Trade Dark Chocolate - $32.85 / tin

*All tins are 70oz.


Kids Kreams

Cotton Candy Bubble

Gum Orange Kreme

Coffee Free

Vanilla Bean Cream

Cookies & Cream

Green Tea

Strawberries & Cream

20 Below Hot Chocolate

20 Below White Chocolate

Peaches and Cream

Cake Batter

Ultimate Smoothie Mix

Belgian Chocolate


Southern Velvet

Fit Frappes - 48oz - $41.50 per bag


Vanilla Latte




Big Train Hot Chocolate  - $16.50 or $60.00 a case 4 bags per case



$18.00 / bottle or $17.00 /bottle case price

6 bottles per case - will mix

  All bottles are 48oz

SmartFruit Smoothies


Up and coming new high quality fruit line.

100% real fruit mixes that are boosted with

highly functional super-foods for natural daily nutrition needs.

Flavors Available: 

Summer Strawberry      Blooming Berry     Perfect Peach

Harvest Greens           Sunny Banana      Harvest Reds

Superfruit Allstars         Mellow Mango     Tropical Harmony

Wild Watermelon

Peanut Butter Omega - A pumpable smoothie/ frappe additive 


Sweetbird Fruit Smoothies                                                    

$10.75 / bottle or $9.75 /bottle case price

8 bottles per case - will mix

All bottles are 1L ( 1,000ml) 

High quality true fruit smoothie that is so healthy it qualifies for school programs.

 They are all natural, vegan and GMO free! Imported from England.

Flavors Available:







Premium Flavors - $11 per bottle or $10 per bottle case price

Mango Passionfruit    Raspberry Black Currant

Dr. Smoothie Smoothies                                                    

$15.75 / bottle or $14.75 /bottle case price

6 bottles per case - will mix

All bottles are 46oz 

Leading U.S. high quality true fruit brand.  Made with crushed fruit and no artificial ingredients.

Flavors Available:


Strawberry     Strawberry Banana      Peach Pear Apricot     

Mango         Pineapple                   Four Berry

Banana        Forbidden Fruit             Northwest Red Apple      

                                                   Carrot Orange Vegetable

MoCafe Mocha                                                   

$22.50 per bag 

4 bags per case - will mix

3lb bags 

A delicious blend of real shade grown Japanese Matcha

perfect for healthy green tea blended or shaken lattes.


Harney & Sons is regarded as one of the best teas in the world. They use whole leaf hand picked teas and herbals from around the world to produce award winning tea that many consider to be the best in the world.

Harney HT Blend Tins:     $5.95 per tin - 4 boxes per case - will mix

Flavors Available: 

African Autumn (decaf)  

Vanilla Comoro

Hot Cinnamon (decaf)  

Hot Cinnamon Sunset  

Blueberry Green Tea


White Christmas

Ginger Licorice

Speciality flavors: 

Wedding - $7.00              Birthday - $7.00

All tins have 20 sachets - whole leaf


Black Currant  Pan Asian

Pomegranate Oolong Chocolate Mint

Green Tea w/ Coconut Winter White Earl Grey Peaches & Ginger

Pumpkin Spice


Harney Classic Tins:     $5.95 per tin - 4 boxes per case - will mix

Flavors Available: 

Chamomile (decaf)  Citron Green


Peppermint (decaf)

Hot Cinnamon Spice  

Earl Grey Supreme

English Breakfast  



Speciality flavors: 

Dragon Pearl Jasmine ($8.70)             

All tins have 20 sachets - whole leaf

Harney Wrapped Sachets:     $6.65 per box - 6 boxes per case - will mix

Flavors Available: 




Decaf Ceylon  

Vanilla Grapefruit



Speciality flavors: Organic English Breakfast        Organic Green w/ Citrus & Ginko  

Dragon Pearl Jasmine ($8.90)             

All tins have 20 sachets - whole leaf

Mint Verbena  

Hot Cinnamon  Japanese Sencha  

Tilleue Mint

Organic Green Mint

Lemon Verbena  

Earl Grey Supreme

Pomegranate Oolong Rooibos Chai

Organic Bangkok

Harney & Sons Iced Teas:    Prices by flavor - sold by the box

Flavors Available: All boxes contain 24 – 3.5 oz packs

Plain - $40.00

Peach - $48.00

Mango -$48.00

Black Currant - $48.00

Tropical Berry - $48.00

Passion Fruit - $48.00

Vanilla - $48.00

Raspberry Decaf - $50.00

Green Tea W/ Ginkgo - $50.00

Tropical Green - $50.00


English Toffee

French Vanilla

Frosted Mint



Irish Cream

Lemon Lime



Peanut Butter

Chai Tea


$23.75 / bag or $21.75 /case price

4 bags per case - will mix

  All bags are 3.5 lbs powered chai

Tazza Di Risa Chai Mix

A high quality chai blend that leads

with the spice flavor creating a great taste!

Flavors Available: 

Spiced Chai     Vanilla Chai     

Chai Tea

Big Train Chai                                        

$24.00 / bag or $22.00 /case price

4 bags per case - will mix

  All bags are 3.5 lbs powered chai

The most popular brand in the industry that

has set the standard for spiced and flavored chai.

Flavors Available: 

Spiced Chai     Vanilla Chai     No Sugar Added Vanilla Chai

Oregon Chai                                        

$27.50 / case price

6 boxes per case - will mix

  All boxes are 32oz liquid chai

Leading liquid chai in the industry.  

It is very popular for those who want to serve iced chai drinks.


Pacific Barista Series Milks

This series is specifically designed by baristas to use

in a coffee house setting to steam for drinks so that it

adds a nice body and flavor to the drinks

Additional Flavors Available: Priced by flavor (sold by the case)  

Oat - $33.95

Almond - $31.95      Coconut - $31.95

Soy      - $26.95      Vanilla Soy $26.95



$29.80 /case price

12 servings per case 


Umpqua Oats

All natural oatmeal using no Gluten ingredients that are GMO free,

Whole Grain Certified and Kosher Certified.

Flavors Available: 

Mostly Sunny

Maple Pecan   


Old School

Filled Display - A variety of Kickstart, Jackpot and Mostly Sunny in a fun display box. 


Not Guilty

Vanilla Almond Crunch

Salted Caramel Meltdown




$10.70 / bottle or $10.20 /case price

46bottles per case - will mix

  All bags are 1L (1,000ml) Plastic

Sweetbird Syrups

All natural and vegan.Imported from England.

High quality natural syrups that are GMO free.

Flavors Available: 




Cane Sugar








English Toffee

French Vanilla

Frosted Mint



Irish Cream

Lemon Lime



Peanut Butter

Pumpkin Spice


Salted Caramel  

Toffee Apple



DaVinci Syrups                                      

$7.00 / bottle or $6.50 /case price

6 bottles per case - will mix

  All bottles are 750 ml plastic

One of the most popular names in the industry.  

Excellent product for the value. Perfect for virtually any application:

espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee and tea, Italian sodas and desserts.

Flavors Available: 



Black Cherry

Cane Sugar



Chocolate Mint



English Toffee  

French Vanilla


Irish Cream


Mandarin Orange




Red Velvet Cake Strawberry  

Toasted Marshmallow


Sugar Free:  $7.50 per bottle or $7per bottle case price.

Almond     Caramel    Vanilla       Hazelnut

Raspberry   Kailua       Chocolate

Monin Syrups                                      

$8.20 / bottle or $7.70 /case price

6 bottles per case - will mix

  All bottles are 750 ml glass

Monin has long been considered the leading brand in the industry.  

It is made with select ingredient and pure cane sugar

consisting of highly concentrated, authentic flavoring,

offering exceptional versatility.

Flavors Available: 




Cinnamon Bun






Honey Sweetener ( Real Pure Honey) - $13.95 per bottle 1L size

Peanut Butter


Pumpkin Pie  Pumpkin Spice

Pure Cane


Salted Caramel

Toffee Nut


Sugar Free:  $8.70 per bottle or $8.20 per bottle case price.

Vanilla       Hazelnut

Caramel    White Chocolate

1883 Syrups


$8.75 / bottle or $8.25 /case price

6 bottles per case - will mix


An inspiration to great chefs, wines, and perfumes,

1883 delivers a pitch-performance for the senses

with an unmistakable purity that says “Made in France”.

Over 30 flavors available - ask for more details



Pure Cane


Sugar Free: $9.00 bottle or $8.50 case price 



Caramel       Hazelnut       Vanilla 



Monin Sauces                                     


Premium ingredients that blend tradition and flavor.  

For use in desserts, beverages or drizzled on top.

Flavors Available: 

Chocolate - $17.00 per bottle

Caramel - $18.00 per bottle

White Chocolate - $18.00 per bottle

All bottles are 1/2 gallon

Sweetbird Sauces 


$24.00 / bottle

4 bottles per case - will mix

  All bottles are 1.9L -  64 fl oz  

Sweetbird sauces are rich and delicious inside

and on top of all kinds of drinks, hot and cold.  

They are free from high fructose corn syrup

and are suitable for vegans.

Flavors Available:



White Chocolate

Guittard Sauces                               

Since 1868, Guittard Chocolate Company

has provided an exclusive touch of quality

for chocolate users and connoisseurs.

Flavors Available: 4 bottles per case - will mix

Sweet Ground Chocolate $21.50 - bottle

Thick Caramel Syrup $24.80 - bottle

Sweet Ground White Satin Syrup $33.50 - bottle

All bottles are 95oz

DaVinci Sauces                               

Made from all fresh ingredients for a scratch-like taste.

Rich and decadent flavors make up these sauces.

Flavors Available: 6 bottles per case - will mix

Chocolate - $15.00 per bottle

Carmel - $15.00 per bottle

White Chocolate - $15.00 per bottle

All bottles are  1/2 gallon


Cups / Lids / Jackets  Straws / Stir sticks


Hot Cups (White)  1000ct/ 20oz 600ct


4 oz.   - $38.00

8 oz.   - $46.00

10 oz. - $59.00

12 oz. - $59.00

16 oz. - $65.00

20 oz. - $49.00


Hot Cup Lids (white or black) 1000 ct.


8oz - 20oz  - $33.00

Foam Aroma - $45.95

Cold Polypropylene Cups (Clear) 1000 ct.

12 oz   - $65.00

16 oz   - $70.00

20 oz   - $76.00

24 oz   - $55.00 - 600ct

Cold PET Cup Lids (Clear) 1000 ct.


Dome   - $36.00

Flat      -- $29.00 


Java Jackets  


BV Kraft - textured  - $56.00  -1200ct.  

Corrugated Kraft - $40.00 - smooth - $1000ct.

Custom jackets available ask for more details


Straws (clear wrapped)

9 inch-300 ct. $3.50


Stir Sticks (wooden)

7.5 inch-500 ct. $7.50



Steam Pitchers


20oz – $23.80

32oz – $24.95

48oz – $32.50







5” Easy Steam With Clip - $16.80

7” Easy Steam With Clip - $25.52




Basic Knock Box Set


Powdercoated Steel Holder - $57.50

Larger size - $99.95



Aluminum Canister - $45  

CO2 Chargers 24/box- $12.50

Tips Straight or Floret - $5.50




Pricing varies by machine contact us for more info.

Shotglasses  2oz – $6.75

Syrup Pumps:

Sweetbird - $3.00 

Monin - $0 - with syrup order

DaVinci - $2.50

Sauce Pumps:  

Sweetbird - $7.00  

Monin - $0 - with syrup order

Guittard - $14.00 

DaVinci - $5.00


Smartfruit pumps  


Smoothie - $6.00

PB Pump - $15.00


Group Head Brush


Zig-Zag 7” - $8.00

Twist Spoon

11" Twisted Spoon - $5.22  

Froth Spoon - $5.22



Water Filters


Espresso Machine:

10” Filter with Head - $90.00 

10” Replacement Filter - $62.00


Coffee/Tea Brewer:

15” Filter with Head - $110.00 

15” Replacement Filter - $80.00




Paper Filters

101-ThermoPro Gourmet Brew Cone - 1000ct. - $32.00  102-ComboBrewer – 1000ct - $34.00

103-Omega – 500ct - $34.00

6-ThernoPro – 1000ct - $20.00

Brew Rite #4 Gold Cup – 480ct - $48.00


Cleaning Tablets  


Puro Tabs - $22.00  

Puro Cafiza - $45.00

Puro Caff (Powder) - $15.00


Harney Tea Tin Rack

8 Tin Display Rack - $35


Monin Syrup Rack

4 Glass Bottle Display Rack - $24.00

Many items are not listed in order to keep our Wholesale Price List shorter. We have listed our top sellers and most frequently bought items. If there is anything you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

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